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Exporting conditions

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Exporting a dog is always an added responsibility for a breeder. Not only because each exported animal will be the kennel’s image on its country but also because in the case of rare breeds (as two of ours), each dog will actually be the image of the breed in that area. Therefore, at Aradik, we only export the best dogs we have available, those we would keep in our breeding plans.

As a rule, we will only export puppies older than 4 months. At this age, the teeth have begun to change and, in males, the testes have descended, so we can have a better assurance regarding these issues. Also, by monitoring the pup’s growth up to this stage we will be able to have a better idea about its morphological and coat quality, especially in the Barbado da Terceira case – as it is a larger-sized breed, it’s development is slower. There have been cases of very promising 2-month-old pups that by 4 months did not live up to the expectations, and vice-versa – unremarkable pups at 2 months of age that from 4 months on became very nice dogs.

Character is for us as much or more important than morphology. We will only export dogs that we consider to fulfill the breed’s traits and our own behavioral requirements. We will not do it in the case of shy or introvert pups, for example.

Because we will only export puppies older than 4 months, we will naturally do additional work regarding their socialization.

These are our main export criteria. On rare ocasions we may be more flexible regarding age, but subjected to the owner signing a document stating that it was for his/her choice that the dog was sent before the age the breeder recommended, so the breeder may not be held accountable for problems not discernable at the age of exporting.

In any litter, we reserve the right not to export any dog, if we consider no puppy fulfils our export requirements.