What's in the name?

I have had quite a few questions about the origin of the kennel’s name.

I am sorry to disappoint the most “romantic”, imagining many stories for the word Aradik, but the truth is… it does not mean anything, it is just a word game!

 Since I was a young girl, I knew my future kennel would be called “da Salsicharia” (from the Sausage House) – after all, my breed is the Dachshund (popularly known as Sausage Dog). And this name would also work on the Drever. But then I “decided” to get the Barbado da Terceira, so this affix no longer made sense. I had to get another one.

So, were does the name Aradik come from?

 At d’Alpetratínia Kennel, were Aradik was born, there was a specific dog, Dick. He had been rescued from a kill shelter and rehabilitated from some behavioural problems. However, some remained in a more or less dormant state, and there were some situations when Dick would make a certain expression we knew meant “stop what you are doing or you will get bitten”. It was such a characteristic expression that we started to say in other occasions, with other dogs we encountered, that that dog had “ar à Dick” (“Dick’s expression”). It was just an expression with a nice ring to it and that would quickly tell us what we needed to know about the dog’s intentions at that moment. 

So, when I had my first litter, I had to get an affix quickly. “Ar à Dick” was an expression that we were using normally and that sounded funny. So it remained, adapting it to a single word – Aradik

However, this does not mean that our dogs have “Dick’s expression, quite on the contrary – we take pride in our dogs’ character! Even (and most of all) in the Barbado da Terceira, a breed that in some circles has a reputation of being shy, untrustworthy and/or aggressive, our dogs have an expression agreeing with the character, trustworthy and extrovert! You don’t believe us? Come meet them and confirm it yourself! ;)