Goals & Philosophy


Quality, not quantity!


At Aradik, our goal is the quality of our dogs, not their quantity. We focus our work on 3 equality important aspects:

Character ~ Type ~ Health

 We do health screening (namely regarding hip and elbow dysplasia and eye problems) not only to our breeding animals, but also their progeny.

 We breed few litters, and only do it when we believe we can expect a positive contribution to the breed’s quality. We screen potential owners for our puppies, trying to make sure they understand the specific requirements for each of our breeds, and we support them during the entire life of each of our dogs.

 Because we do not breed regularly, we strongly advise potential puppy owners to reserve their puppies. We are currently only planning to breed when we have a sufficient number of reserves to ensure the whole litter has good prospective homes.

Please contact us for more information about our breeding plans and reservation terms.

Alfinete de Aradik

At Aradik... Are our dogs show dogs? Yes, some of them, a few weekends of the year, while they enjoy going to shows, it's a hobby for us and a way to keep up with our friends... Are our dogs breeding dogs? Yes, some of them, maybe a couple of times in their life, when we believe we can help to improve the breed.

But first and foremost... 365 days of the year, they are our pets, our companions, not "objets" to be disposed of because they can't breed or they won't win. We love them for who they are, not for what they do for us!