Who am I


Carla Cruz, Cortiça de Aradik & Ali-Babá de Aradik

Carla Cruz


Dogs are a passion! Fortunately, I have been able to match this great personal interest to my professional career. With a Degree in Biology, a Masters in Animal Science and in the final stages of a PhD in Animal Science, virtually all my path has involved dogs – I have worked in several research projects about dogs, mainly regarding the use of livestock guarding dogs to reduce predator impact on livestock, conducting ethological (behavioral), morphological, genetic and biomechanical analysis. I have also worked on a pet shop, in a kennel, helping in it's husbandry and management, and as a dog-sitter for breeders.

Carla Cruz, Alfinete de Aradik & Aoshi de Ghabar

I have conducted lectures on different technical and scientific issues about dogs, both in Portugal and abroad, at congresses or by invitation of breed and kennel clubs. I am a regular contributor in the specialized press, both on print and online, aimed to the general public or breed enthusiasts.

I also do cynotchenical specialized consulting, specially in population analysis. and behavior assessment and modification.

Carla Cruz & A Star in Stripes de Aradik

Curious about my path? Check my CV at my LinkedIn page, and some of my articles at my Issuu.