Google de Aradik

Google de Aradik

at 8 months of age


Name Google de Aradik
Date of Birth 19/05/2013
Registry Number RI79365
Microchip 939000010668508
Ancestry D'Black Jack do Monte de Magos X Ericaazorica (click here to view the pedigree)
Colour Gray with white spotting 
Titles PPW14
Main Show Results

1X BIS3 Babies

1X BOG Puppies

1X BOG2 Puppies

BIS Puppies at the National Specialty Show

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My History

I was the lucky chosen from my litter to remain at home, not necessarily because I was the best (let’s face it, my brothers and sisters and I are all cute as hell! ;)), but rather because I had the sweetest expression. Take a look at my photo and try to deny it! ;)

Besides, I’m one of those dogs with beauty and brains. Not only do I have an excellent path in the show rings, but I also like to train obedience and agility! I guess that’s why I keep hearing thankfully my brains didn’t take after my mom Erica – who is gorgeous, but apparently somewhat “blonde”! LOL