Barbado da Terceira

Brains, Beauty & Bravery!

Carla Cruz, Sheila and Figo

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Did you know:

The Barbado da Terceira is a passion since we saw our first dog?

We have tried to acquire animals from different origins, as a way to reduce inbreeding while working to achieve our ideal Barbado da Terceira?

We pioneered regular competition of the Barbado da Terceira at dog shows all over the country?

We pioneered the breed's divulgation abroad, providing information and photos for foreign dog books and  websites?

We pioneered competition of the Barbado da Terceira at dog shows in other countries?

We pioneered health screening in the Barbado da Terceira?

We pioneered character trials for the Barbado da Terceira?

We pioneered keeping dogs out of our breeding undocked and cropped, so people get used, from the begining, to how the Barbado da Terceira naturally looks? (You can read more about this on our blog post)

All our dogs, or dogs bred by us, regularly shown at dog shows have champion, winner and/or yearly ranking titles?

No other breeder comes close to us regarding number of dogs with show titles? And/or character titles? And/or number of titles per dog? (We even have the first champion of the breed and the most titled couple in the history of the breed.)

In every litter we try to place dogs in different situations (pets, guarding, herding, obedience, etc.), in order to promote the complete Barbado da Terceira?

Why do we do all this?

So YOU may get to know the REAL Barbado da Terceira, without delusions or sugar-coating, demystifying the idea that it is a shy and aggressive dog  – it is a highly intelligent dog, a valuable guard, a sturdy worker, but definitively not a “teddy bear” suitable for everyone!

So YOU may get the BEST possible friend, regarding behaviour, morphology and health!

Because we know the type of Barbado da Terceira we like, and know that achieving and improving it is a long term project!

In the links below you can learn more about the breed, our dogs and our litters.


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Ícone Barbado