Litter E - CASTIÇO DE ARADIK X Multi-Ch Sheila

Date of Birth: 21/01/2012

Sexes: 3 males, 1 female

Colours: gray and fawn with black mask,solid and white-spotted

Pedigree - click here

Considering the excellent dogs we got out of Sheila’s first litter, specially males, and the great dogs from Castiço de Aradik’s litter, and as we consider Castiço to be better than Figo (the sire of Sheila’s first litter), we are extremely optimistic with the results of this litter!

We got an excellent litter in type, albeit a bit shy in character-We have dogs in Portugal and in Finland, as pet dogs, guard dogs and show dogs. It's our only litter without a herding dog because I fell in love with the character of the dog that was meant for that job (Esperto de Aradik), so we ended up staying as well)

Bellow you can follow the growth of the puppies since their birth. The page has many photos and video, so it may take a while to fully load. You can see more photos on our Facebook page which is more frequently updated, and videos on our Youtube channel.

After the first night:

Litter E - 0 days

2 days:

Litter E - 2 days

6 days:


10 days:

Litter E - 10 days

Litter E - 10 days

13 days:

Litter E - 13 days

3 weeks:

Litter E - boy 1

Litter E - boy 2

Litter E - boy 4

Litter E - girl

4 weeks:


1.5 months:



Evereste de Aradik: he stayed with us

Evereste de Aradiik

Esperto de Aradik: although he is not show type, we chose to keep him. His name, which means Smart, tells the reason! ;)

Esperto de Aradiik

Éden de Aradik: as we can't keep all the pups (although in the litter we really wanted to!), we chose to let Éden go live as a spoiled pet in Porto

Éden de Aradiik

Especial Pérola de Aradik: long awaited even before she was born :), she went to be a pampered pet in Finland, at Lucky Deianeira's Kennel

Especial Pérola de Aradiik