Origins of the Drever


The Drever is one of Sweden’s most popular breeds. However, outside Scandinavia, it is almost unknown. It has been bred mostly by and for hunters, and animals used “just” as pets are rare.

Its origin dates back to the first years of the 20th century, when some Westphalian Dachsbrackes, a German hunting breed, were imported to Sweden (in 1910). Over time, this population evolved, adjusting to the Swedish weather and hunting style. The first specimens were registered in 1913, but the breed was relatively discrete until the 1930s, when it expanded due to its reputation as a hunting dog. The breed became known under its current name – Drever – in 1947, thus finally separating from the other Dachsbrackes, slightly smaller. In 1953, it was recognized as a Swedish breed.

Some websites mention the possible introduction of Beagle and/or other hunting dog breeds (such as the Basset Hound), but these speculations are not supported by the information provided by the Svenska Kennelklubben (The Swedish Kennel Club).