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Institutional links

These links are provided for information and do not necessarily imply with we subscribe to the policies of the institutions.


Fédération Cynologique Internationale - International Cynological Federation, grouping together most National Kennel Clubs

Clube Português de Canicultura - Portuguese Kennel Club

Clube Português do Teckel - Portuguese Dachshund club.

Associação Açoreana dos Criadores do Cão Barbado da Ilha Terceira - Barbado da Terceira breed club

Svenska Kennelklubben - Swedish Kennel Club

Svenska Dreverklubben - Swedish Drever Club

Suomen Kennelliitto ry - Finnish Kennel Club

Suomen Dreeverijärjestö - Finnish Drever Club


Some friends

The links below are from friends and partners.


Terras do Pó - Belgian Shepherd Groenendael and Tervueren breeder. Home to some of our Barbados da Terceira (Amassada de Aradik, Bóina de Aradik, Castiço de Aradik, Catita de Aradik), our Dachshund Bocado de Aradik and our Drever A Striped Star de Aradik.

Track-Action - Finnish Kennel breeding Drever, Wire-Haired Dachshund and Smooth-haired Dachshund. The breeder of our Drever Track-Action Lupiini and home to our Dachshunds Acção Velho de Aradik e Alzira de Aradik

Goldenessence - Golden Retriever breeders and Professional handlers

Rockriver's - Finnish Kennel breeding Schapendoes. Home to our Barbado da  Terceira Beta de Aradik

Fab's - Portuguese Pointer Breeder. Home to our Drever A Fawn Angel de Aradik

Cudanca - Spanish Kennel breeding Wire-Haired Fox Terrier and Standard Wire-haired Dachshund. Home to our Dachshund Cudanca de Aradik

Lucky Deianeira's - Finnish Kennel breeding Estrela Mountain Dog. Home to our Barbado da Terceira Especial Pérola de Aradik and our Dachshund Double D de Aradik.

Aldeia Gallega - Border Collie breeder. Home to our Barbados da Terceira Alfa de Aradik and Cuca de Aradik. Blaze de Aradik and them train obedience at Doggy Clube

Hundesportverein Murtal - Austrian dog training school. Home to the Barbado da Terceira Aradik das Terras do Pó (Ali-Babá de Aradik X Catita de Aradik)

Protect Alarmes - Home to our Drever A Spotty One de Aradik, who when not hunting is doing adventure sports at Nómadas.

Pets Days - Original products for dog and cat owners, which can be personalized. Photos of most Portuguese dog shows (in Portuguese)

Dogs on Top - Professional dog and show photography

Pedra da Anixa - Renowned Portuguese water Dog breeder, and dog groomer

Casa Amarela - Standard Wire-haired Dachshund and Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen breeder.

Sardoeira Horse Farm - Several horse activities, dog hotel and Border Collie breeder.

Lugar do Poço - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog breeder

Tinosotes - Spanish Kennel breeding Vastgotaspetz (Swedish Vallhund), Tibetan Terrier and Whippet

Sturtmoor - First Estrela Mountain Dog breeder in the United Kingdom. Also Bearded Collies, Tibetan Terriers and Norwegian Buhunds


Other interesting sites

Genetics of Coat Color and Type in Dogs - A discussion of the genetics of coat and colour in dogs, by Dr. Scheila Schmuts, one of the top researchers on its genetics

Animal Genetics - Very interesting site on several genetic issues (basic genetics, population genetics, inbreeding) and about dog colour genetics

CãoSciência - Blog about dog training, education and the use of scientifically proven methods (in Portuguese, but with some stuff in English)

Fearful Dogs - Site about fearful dogs, with tips to help them and their owners

Cães & Companhia - Portuguese dog and other animals’ magazine. We cooperate with it with divulgation articles (in Portuguese)

Associação Portuguesa do Cão da Serra da Estrela - One of the Portuguese Estrela Mountain Dog breed clubs. We cooperate with them with technical and divulgation articles (mostly in Portuguese, but with some texts in English)

Status - Pets Photography - Portuguese photographer

Dog's Show - Spanish magazine about dog shows (in Spanish)

Animalia - on-line magazine on pets, companion or working animals, without forgeting all others. We cooperate with them with divulgation articles (in Portuguese)

Atletismo Magazine - Website about amateur sports disciplines, including photos of several dog shows (in Portuguese)


Link Exchange - Dog breeders' directory in Portugal & Europe - Mexican dog portal

Criaderos de Perros - Dog breeders directory

Animais de estimação - Brasilian animal breeders' directory

Polytrans - animalerie en ligne chiens et chats