Aradik on the Web

The wide variety of social networks that currently exists, easily accessible by any web surfer, allows for a greater interaction among people and a better way to convey our ideas. At Aradik we want to take advantage of this possibility to easily share our guidelines, ideals and experiences to our visitors. Therefore, we are diversifying our presence at different networks, with different goals in each.


Aradik’s website

It is the site you are currently visiting. Its goal is to showcase our dogs, their achievements and our breeding guidelines and philosophy. It is our basic contact hub with our audience.

 Aradik’s blog

Its main purpose is to share ideas, information, videos (ours or from others), some humor every now and then :). It is about subjects which, although not necessarily directly regarding our kennel or dogs, we believe are of interest to our puppy owners and friends.

 Aradik’s Facebook page

It is the site that’s more quickly and often updated. We share information about the kennel’s activities, our dogs, links about new studies and interesting information, videos, photos, website and blog updates, etc.

Aradik’s Youtube channel

It is where we share some videos about our dogs, litters and some bits and pieces with behavioural interest.

Aradik's Issuu

It is where we share different documents regarding our work both within the kennel and professional – texts about tour breeds, research on canine Portuguese breeds, technical articles about behavior, genetics, good citizenship, etc.

Visit them all, enjoy them and follow us on the different networks. You will not regret it!