Because all our work would not be possible without friends and partners, here are some of the entities who have been helping us:

Royal Canin - besides food, they have supported us by printing advertising and divulgation material about our breeds

Logo Royal Canin

Marta & Tiago Flores - these professional handlers and good friends have taught me more about showing dogs, handling and coat care than they can imagine. Theya re one of the rare people I trust my dogs with!

Marta & Tiago Flores

IN Grooming & Spa (Pedra da Anixa cabeleireiro para căes) - Another of the rare people I trust my dogs with, with golden hands for grooming and an amazing knowledge about everything coat and skin related!

IN Grooming & Spa

Pets Days - Original products, handcrafted and personalized, a labour of love for pet owners. Do you have an ideia? They make it happen!

Pets Days

VetOeiras - The fact that I have been using them for 20 years, regardless of the region I'm living in, speaks volumes about my opinion of them - one of the few I trust implicitly!


No Stress - Where Google de Aradik and Esperto de Aradik treinam, and theothersvisit every now and then! ;) You can train obedience, agility, fun agility, frisbee and mondioring!

No Stress

Hospital Veterinário da Arrábida - Where Alfinete did his months of physical therapy after his disc hernya.