Behaviour of the Dachshund

The traits that make the Dachshund such a wonderful hunting dog naturally reflect on its personality. It is a great companion to its human family, fun and playful! But it can also be a stubborn dog, when he wants to get its way. But despite that, and even though he often looks like he could not care less, what a Doxie really wants is to be by its master!

Bocado de Aradik & Aoshi de Ghabar

The Dachshund can get along well with the rest of the house dogs… as long as they understand that it is he who is in charge! Fortunately, most large sized dogs that know them don’t pay much attention to the Dachshund ways, but the master should be attentive during their interactions, especially if the dogs do not know each other.

Alzira de Aradik playing with Estrela Mountain Dog