Alfinete de Aradik

Alfinete de Aradik

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Name Alfinete  de Aradik
Date of Birth 10/07/2008
Date of Death 21/06/2014


Registry Number LOP403638
Microchip 941000002460501
Ancestry Rastro da Quinta d'Abroeira X Espiga da Casa da Costa (click here to view the pedigree)
Colour Wild boar
Litters Bred -
Eyes Examination

(European College of Veterinary Ophtalmologists)



Persistent Pupillary Membrane (PPM) - Unaffected 

Persistent Hyperpl. Tunica Vasculosa Lentis/Primary Vitreous (PHTVL/PHPV) - Unaffected 

Cataract (congenital) - Unaffected 

Hypoplasia-/Micropapilla - Unaffected 

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) - Unaffected 

Entropion/Truchasis - Unaffected 

Ectropion/Macroblepharon - Unaffected 

Distichiasis /Ectopic cilia - Unaffected 

Corneal dystrophy -Unaffected 

Cataract (non-congenital) - Unaffected 

Lens luxation (primary) - Unaffected 

Retinal degeneration (PRA) - Unaffected 

Titles PPW09, JE09
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My History

I was born at Aradik kennel. Maybe that, or the fact that I spend too much time with the Barbados da Terceira, is the reason why I’m totally obsessed with my breeder. I really don’t like to let her out of my sight!

People have asked Carla why she kept me. It is a good question! After all, we were 8 puppies, I was even the smallest male. But the answer is clear: I was the one who won her heart! :-)