Pulga do Casal da Vinha

Pinhão do Casal da Vinha

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Name Pinhão do Casal da Vinha
Date of Birth 17/02/2006
Date of Death 08/12/2012
Registry Number LOP360086
Microchip 620098100298943
Ancestry Nobre X Espiga da Casa da Costa (click here to view the pedigree)
Colour Wild boar
Litters Bred C
Titles JP07, LW07, BOB07, LW08, Ch Port
Participation in Shows Under construction...
My History

I came to Aradik Kennel in July 2008. My previous owner, who also had my father, has now “decided” that she is too old for Wire-haired Dachshunds, because of the work they need with the coat. Although Carla already had my sister and my mother, she always liked me very much, so she offered to keep me.

I admit that when I came here, those huge Estrela Mountain Dogs from d’Alpetratínia kennel made a big impression, especially considering that I was already a bit shy. But slowly I am becoming more confident. And I already walk (almost) easily among them!

I just don’t like it when they call me back home – although I love being indoors with the other Dachshunds (especially my half-brother Alfinete de Aradik), outdoors is the place to be! :-)