Pulga do Casal da Vinha

Pulga do Casal da Vinha

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Name Pulga do Casal da Vinha
Date of Birth 17/02/2006
Date of Death 17/08/2012
Registry Number LOP360089
Microchip 941000001258894
Ancestry Nobre X Espiga da Casa da Costa (click here to view the pedigree)
Colour Wild boar
Litters Bred B
Eyes Examination

(European College of Veterinary Ophtalmologists)



Persistent Pupillary Membrane (PPM) - Unaffected 

Persistent Hyperpl. Tunica Vasculosa Lentis/Primary Vitreous (PHTVL/PHPV) - Unaffected 

Cataract (congenital) - Unaffected 

Hypoplasia-/Micropapilla - Unaffected 

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) - Unaffected 

Entropion/Truchasis - Unaffected 

Ectropion/Macroblepharon - Unaffected 

Distichiasis /Ectopic cilia - Unaffected 

Corneal dystrophy -Unaffected 

Cataract (non-congenital) - Unaffected 

Lens luxation (primary) - Unaffected 

Retinal degeneration (PRA) - Unaffected 

Titles JP07, Fin KVA-L Working Ch (cave)
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My History

My breeder made a promise to my owner – when my mother was still a puppy, he promised her a puppy from her first litter. Well Carla didn’t forget it!

Just a few days after I was born, Carla and João Silvino came to visit me and my brothers and sisters. Two and a half months latter, I got to know my new friends in my new home.

They already had a Dachshund like me, Nikko, but he was an older dog with little patience for kids! Fortunately I had the company of the Estrela Mountain Dogs and later of Lupiini, my company for adventures!

After the usual puppy stage, now I’m a well behaved and mannered “lady”. I even participated in an internacional course on dog training, but I just can’t get rid of one habit – I love to chew papers (but only those in the recycle bin)!

Outdoors I am very different. I have a sharp hunting instinct. So much that I am currently on “holidays” in Finland, at Track-Action kennel, where I am learning to use my instincts well and taken to compete in hunting trials. And they even say I am having very promising results! What did they expect?! I am a Dachshund in body, heart and soul! :-)