1981 (???) - 05/03/1995


Top was my first dog. As I used to say, he was a “90% Smooth Haired Dachshund” – too much like a Doxie to be a mutt or a cross-bred, too bad to be a pure-bred! ;)

He was found on the streets on December 27, 1985. No one claimed him back, despite our efforts to find his owners, so we ended up keeping him. He came into my life at a very complicated phase for my family and was my companion during the most important phase of my growth. And he influenced decisively my personal and professional life. It was thanks to him that I acquired my passion for dogs, that I chose my work (well, after I decided I did not have the guts to be a vet), that I chose “my” breed – the Dachshund is and always will be my first and last breed.

He was probably one of the most famous dogs in Oeiras, the town I grew up in, at a time when dogs could still walk free on the streets. Actually, at the time I was known as “teacher Margarida’s daughter”, “Paula’s sister” or… “Top’s owner” :)

And even if he died so long ago, the void he left in my heart is still unfilled…