Health issues in the Dachshund

It is common for people to ask about health issues with the Dachshund, as the notion that long-bodied dogs tend to have back problems is well established.

This is indeed one of the high-risk breeds regarding intervertebral disk disease. Sadly, the genetic basis for these pathologies is not yet known, so care is essential preventive – trying to avoid sudden excesses of highly energetic movements, too many jumps, or too high jumps, etc.

As most breeds, some dogs may be prone to progressive retinal atrophy, eventually leading to blindness. There are screening and genetic tests for this pathology.

However, as a rule, Dachshunds are pretty health animals, and often only visit the vet for the regular vaccines and check-ups.

Alfinete de Aradik using his wheelchair to help recover from a disk hernia

Should the worst happen and your dog develops a back injury, know that nowadays euthanasia isn’t the only solution. Full crate rest for a few weeks, surgery, physical therapy, are some of the choices you have available. Please refer to a specialized veterinarian.

And if a full recovery is really not possible, nowadays you can acquire specific wheelchairs, which will allow your dog to have a whole and happy life.