Caring for your Dachshund

Coat care


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As you can easily understand, with three different types of coat, the required care differs from variety to variety. However, it is essential to keep a nice and hygienic coat. This will improve your dog’s quality of life, even if you don’t intend to take him to shows.

Short and long-haired Dachshunds tend to loose hair all year long, but most especially during shedding periods (Spring and Autumn).

Even if people usually think short coated dogs don’t need coat care, if you regularly brush your short-haired Dachshund you’ll remove the dead coat, avoiding hair all over the house and allowing a better growth of the new hair. A rubber glove, a soft brush or a furminator type tool will be enough. Be careful with slicker brushes, as the harsh bristles may hurt your dog if you brush too strongly.

As for the long-haired Dachshund, it is preferable that you start by combing him with a metal comb, so it’s easier to open the coat down to the root, allowing the skin to breathe and avoiding matting. You can then finish by brushing the dog, to fluff up the coat, making it look nicer.

Wire coat requires more maintenance

The wire-haired Dachshund is the variety requiring more coat care. As with all bearded dogs, with this coat dead hair doesn’t shed naturally. This has the advantage that an indoor dog won’t loose as much hair as the other varieties. But on the other head, dead hair needs to be removed regularly, so the new hair can grow properly and the coat remains in good condition.

At home, regular combing and/or brushing helps to open the coat, avoid mats and remove some of the dead hair. However, at least 2 to 3 times a year, you should strip your dog, or take him to be stripped. This is just a hair removal technique, done by hand or with specific tools. This way, dead hairs ar individually removed, leaving just the living hair and making room for the new hair to grow properly. Even if your dog is “just” a pet, it is important to use this technique throughout the year, for a proper coat care. If you don’t know how to do it, use the services of a professional experienced with wire-haired dogs.

It is not advisable that you use clippers on these dogs (as many inexperienced people do). Not only you run the risk of changing the coat texture, leaving it shorts, clippers only cut down the length of the hair, they don’t remove dead hair, so the new coat will still have difficulty coming out.

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Besides the specific coat care, especially with the long and wire-haired varieties, Dachshunds require little care. They may sometimes have a more intense scent, but that is easily solved with a bath.

It is not advisable to bathe your dog very frequently (every week, for example), as that destroys the skin’s protective grease layer. But we have long passed the “you can only bathe once a year” stage. Obviously, if the dog is dirty he should be washed! What is important is that you use a shampoo specially designed for dogs, as their skin pH is different than people’s, so our material is harmful for their skin health. If necessary, you may rotate wet and dry baths and use doggie wipes, so your dog will always be clean without constantly removing he skin’s natural protection (by the way, damaging this protection is often a cause for the foul smell).

He is a glutton!


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Any self-respecting Dachshund likes to eat! And any self-respecting Dachshund is a specialist in making those “sad puppy eyes” as if he hasn’t eaten in 3 days! It is very important not to give in to their “blackmail” – especially if there are several people at home, who may think someone forgot to feed the dog.

The breed does have a tendency for obesity, due to the dogs eating too much for their activity level. And it is not good for this type of dogs to get fat, as that will add extra stress on the spine