Work of the Dachshund

Those who think a dog with such a peculiar look can only be used to amuse children and adults alike could not be more wrong! Of course the Dachshund also excels at this task, but this German breed was selected with a well defined goal. Although it is one of the most versatile hunting dogs, the Dachshund is a specialist hunting underground. It will go inside dens to hunt foxes, badgers or rabbits that took refuge there. Hence the usefulness of short legs, making the body look long, so it will move underground more easily. Above ground, it is an excellent scent hound, following the trail left by game such as red deer, roe deer, wild boar, etc., barking as it progresses, so the hunter can follow its progress.

Dachshund hunting a rabbit

On its “spare times”, the Dachshund is also an excellent ratter.

Dachshunds entering a hole